Research in CopenAge

In Copenhagen Center for Clinical Aging Research (CopenAge) we strive to secure the highest possible quality in the treatment of elderly medicinal patients, rooted in clinical and translational research. 




The proportion of elderly in the population is increasing, which entails an increase in older medical patients. Older patients are often characterized by chronic illness and comorbidity, leading to complex clinical diagnoses and treatment processes. Furthermore, the treatment of acutely admitted older medical patients is often hampered by competing illnesses, loss of physical function, polypharmacy, and socioeconomic factors. It is therefore of outmost importance to secure the optimal treatment before, during, and after hospitalization and to strengthen the bond across sectors.

At CopenAge, we have a particular focus on the investigation of prognostic biomarkers and interventions for preventing loss of muscle mass and physical function, frailty, and delirium in the acutely admitted hospitalised patient to identify and treat the most fragile patients during hospitalisation. Furthermore, we aim to optimize the ambulant treatments across sectors in older patients with comorbities, limited mobility and falls as well as older patients with cancer.

Research areas of CopenAge: Delirium, Dementia, Polyfarmacia, CGA, Patient Pathways, E-health, Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, Frailty, and Acute Geriatrics